Do the Stars Gaze Back?

When looked at from a numbers perspective, Veronica Mars fans cared more about having a Veronica Mars movie produced than Americans do about campaign finance reform.

In March 2013, the Veronica Mars movie campaign on Kickstarter raised $2,669,274 in just 24 hours and $5,702,153 before it closed from 91,585 backers; the campaign was revolutionary. Mayday Pac, a campaign to create a Super PAC with which to fight Super PACs, should have had a numbers advantage. The results of the Mayday fundraising could potentially impact all Americans nationwide – a pool of over 381 million people – whereas the Veronica Mars campaign sourced from a much smaller pool of 2.3- 2.5 million viewers per season.

Nevertheless, Mayday has both fewer donors and a lower rate of donation from participants. Mayday was a two-part campaign conceptualized by Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig; in May of 2014 it aimed to and succeeded at crowd funding $1 million, an amount which was then matched by a few big-ticket donors. The June campaign, which was set to close at the end of July 4, had a crowdfunding goal of $5 million, an amount which donors also pledged to match. In total, the campaign raised $5,192,789 from 50,672 individuals – just .01 percent of Americans allowed to donate (ages 18+) got involved in the campaign as compared to 3.66 percent of Veronica Mars fans.

Campaign finance reform ranked 21st out of 22 issues, just edging out global warming, in a January Pew poll about the public’s top priorities for Obama and Congress last year and only 40 percent of responders to a separate Washington Post-Pew poll correctly identified the definition of a Super PAC.

Despite the lack of tangible action from a significant proportion of Americans, 69 percent of Americans, polled by the Washington Post in conjunction with ABC news in March 2012, said that Super PACs should be illegal. A CBS-New York Times poll in January of 2012 has similar results; 67 percent of respondents said that groups not directly affiliated with candidates should not be allowed to spend unlimited funds on ads.

If Lessig’s plan succeeds, the public “will elect a congress committed to fundamental reform in the way campaigns are funded by 2016.”




Amanda Palmer’s ‘The Killing Type’ has been stuck in my head for hours now. Kinda feeling uncomfortable with the thought that my brain needs to repeatedly state that “I’m not the killing type”

Thanks for the reassurance, I guess.


I really like this. The idea of cute traditional femeninity juxtaposed with violence nad the willingness to defend. I feel some ways about this

I don’t wanna hear your excuses! The throne has to be at least… three times bigger than this!

I’m ordering drinks as Orange is the New Black Characters

Yesterday I ordered as Piper and I thought, Piper would like a skinny double dirty iced chai latte. Now I’m wondering: What would all the characters on the show order? 

Let me know what you think. I’m looking for answers on for any and every character. Because yes, I will be ordering as ALL of them - including Taystee, Pornstache, Poussey, So So and Black Cindy. 

There is a fly in my house and it’s driving me crazy. This is day 3 since it breached. 

There is a fly in my house and it’s driving me crazy. This is day 3 since it breached. 

Why do the elementary writers keep doing this to me? Why?